Jobs for Teens There are many job opportunity for the teens in all the states you can search the internet for the eligible jobs depending on the qualification of the individual. The wages may be very less but it can be used for the pocket money or fill the fuel for your car. The baby sitting jobs in Tamworth are easy to do and you will have lot of time so that you can read your subjects also. The jobs in the restaurants and cafes will fetch you the wholesome income including the tips but you have to provide quality service for the customers. The pizza shops, malls and the grocery will offer the teens with the well paid jobs. The online survey jobs are best suited for the teens and the eligible age for taking the survey is thirteen where you can simply fill out the surveys and you will be paid online. They provide both fun and profits for the individuals taking the survey online. Check whether they are reliable source and are not fake. The best companies will make you the quick payouts and understands your needs either after completing the survey or for every month schedule. They must not include any scam and the personal information you provide must be confidential as you are giving the bank details in the website. There are no qualifications required for taking the online surveys. If you are well versed in the subject then you can choose the tutor job also.